Fundamentals of Estate Planning

As we work through our adult lives, many of us set aside money for retirement. Retirement planning is a complex process with many hurdles to overcome. Part of that process is the concept of estate planning, or what will happen to our assets during our lives and after we die. Perhaps the goal is to … Continue reading Fundamentals of Estate Planning

Will You Have Enough to Retire?

As workers across the country march toward retirement, many wonder if they have saved enough to live comfortably once they’re no longer earning a paycheck. People enter into retirement savings at many different ages. While most retirement planning experts agree that the earlier one starts, the more secure financial future they will have once they … Continue reading Will You Have Enough to Retire?

Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA

When it comes to planning for retirement, there are many products to choose from. Consumers can select investing in mutual funds, the stock market, fixed annuities, and many others. Some of the most popular financial accounts include Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs. There are two major types of IRA: the Roth IRA and the Traditional … Continue reading Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA

What is an Asset Management Plan?

No matter the reason behind acquiring wealth, it’s not enough to simply hold onto the assets you’ve amassed. Perhaps you’ve saved for retirement over a long career or built your business from the ground up. Today, you may have considerable assets. What now? An asset management plan (AMP) is the solution to protect the wealth … Continue reading What is an Asset Management Plan?

The 2016 Year in Review: Asset Protection

2016 was a quiet year for laws regarding creditor-debtor interactions, especially as compared to the many laws passed after the economic crash of 2007. Asset protection remained at the forefront of interest among investment professionals, however, and several new transaction laws passed in 2016 can have serious implications for those seeking to preserve wealth. Fraudulent … Continue reading The 2016 Year in Review: Asset Protection

4 Critical Steps in Creating, Protecting, and Preserving Wealth

Most Americans spend their entire careers saving money for retirement. Unfortunately, those same people may spend up to 40% of their earnings on taxes, dramatically impacting retirement funding. There are many options available for retirement planning that minimize the impact of taxes, helping you to build wealth faster and easier than ever. It is also … Continue reading 4 Critical Steps in Creating, Protecting, and Preserving Wealth

Predictions in Retirement Planning for 2017

Planning for your retirement is an important step you must take. Your goal in planning is to maximize savings for when you retire, covering the costs you will face when you’re no longer earning a regular paycheck. There are many tools and strategies available to help you secure a stable retirement. Avoiding risks and accomplishing … Continue reading Predictions in Retirement Planning for 2017