Questions to Ask When Deciding Income Options in Retirement

Running out of money during retirement is a common fear for those close to retirement.  Finding the perfect income amount during retirement is different for every individual.  By answering some questions pertaining to income and expenses, the difficult task of income planning can be made simpler. Some questions that a person thinking about retirement, whether … Continue reading Questions to Ask When Deciding Income Options in Retirement

Qualified Roll-Overs and Annuities

There are two main sources of retirement income most people utilize—Social Security and qualified plan funds.  By taking advantage of qualified plans that allow the average American to reduce their pre-tax dollars from their wages, a sizeable income during retirement can be ensured. Qualified Plans Long-terms plans, such as a 401(k) and individual retirement account … Continue reading Qualified Roll-Overs and Annuities

The Sharing Economy and Taxes

In recent years, there has been a new “minimalist” movement as millennials begin to enter their 30’s.  In prior years, the ultimate mark of the middle class was owning “stuff” and showing it off.  However, with the environmentally conscious millennial generation, owning two or three cars can be seen as wasteful.   Rather than have … Continue reading The Sharing Economy and Taxes

Your Teeth in Retirement

Braces aren’t just for adolescents in middle school anymore.  In fact, there is a trend among older adults to correct their teeth with braces, just like their grandchildren.  Is this trend just for vanity’s sake or is it something more? Seniors Are Choosing Adult Braces There are many reasons other than pure vanity that spur … Continue reading Your Teeth in Retirement