How to Boost Your Cash Flow After Retiring

When it comes to retirement, many people wonder if they will have enough cash to keep their standard of living the same as when they were working.  With only Social Security and a retirement pension, many people find that they no longer can live the type of lifestyle they once did when they were working. … Continue reading How to Boost Your Cash Flow After Retiring

Choosing the Best Annuity for Your Retirement

When planning for retirement, an annuity investment may be the ideal solution for anyone who wants to plan for a steady stream of income until their death.  With many people living well into their 90s or even 100s, the chances of outliving retirement savings are a very real concern for many retirees.  Annuities solve that … Continue reading Choosing the Best Annuity for Your Retirement

Understanding Roth IRAs

With several different types of IRAs, choosing the best one for potential retirement income is vital.  Understanding factors such as eligibility, deductibility, distributions, and conversions can help a person’s decision. According to the IRS, a Roth IRA is a particular type of IRA that is subject to the rules that apply to a traditional IRA. … Continue reading Understanding Roth IRAs

Preparing for Your Retirement: An IRA Review

The most valuable asset of any person is their earning power.  This personal earning power is a powerful tool when used correctly.  Not many people realize that an average couple can earn 3.5 million dollars by age 65 if the total family income averages $100,000 for their entire career, without any raises.   The future … Continue reading Preparing for Your Retirement: An IRA Review

Lesson in Indexed Annuities Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Our last blog post in the series on indexed annuities covered many common terms that are found in the annuity contracts. We’ve touched on the indexing methods insurance companies use to determine how interest is credited to the annuity account, and in today’s article we will go much deeper. … Continue reading Lesson in Indexed Annuities Part 4

Lesson in Indexed Annuities Part 3

In previous blog posts in our continuing series on indexed annuities, we’ve spoken about what an indexed annuity is, how it works, and some of the advantages of this retirement planning account over other financial strategies. Our last article covered some of the major features of indexed annuities and how interest formulas are used to … Continue reading Lesson in Indexed Annuities Part 3

Comparing Retirement Income Payment Options

When approaching retirement and the last decade of stock market ups and downs, many people wonder how to protect retirement income from economic collapse.  There are two popular options to protect retirement savings:  Joint and survivor annuity payment option or retirement income protection funded with life insurance. Joint/Survivor Annuity Payout Option Versus Retirement Income Protection … Continue reading Comparing Retirement Income Payment Options

Retirement: Income Protection Review

At retirement, many retirees are faced with making a difficult decision that could negatively impact their future financial security and that of their spouse.  Deciding how a pension benefit will be paid out for the remainder of a retiree’s life is an important and critical decision.  There are two ways a pension can be paid. … Continue reading Retirement: Income Protection Review

Sole Proprietor Insured Disability Buy-Sell Plans Pt. 2

In business, there are many types of buy-sell agreements to protect owners, the business, partners, shareholders, or family members.  When one person owns a company with no other interested parties, they are considered a sole proprietor.  If this person becomes permanently disabled, the business’ only owner would then be unable to run the business. Therefore, … Continue reading Sole Proprietor Insured Disability Buy-Sell Plans Pt. 2