Explaining Domestic Asset Protection Trusts

What Are Domestic Asset Protection Trusts? As a means of protecting wealth, many people seek ways of minimizing tax implications while establishing plans to pass assets to beneficiaries after they die. One of the most common ways to do this is by creating a domestic asset protection trust. In simple terms, an asset protection trust… Read More Explaining Domestic Asset Protection Trusts

Protecting Assets as a Medical Professional

With the ability to spend millions of dollars yearly, large hospitals or health care systems have the ability to collect, analyze, and organize data, while reducing waste and increasing profits. ¬†Unfortunately, many private practices do not have millions to spend on effective reporting. ¬†Many physicians are in a financial fog and unable to have a… Read More Protecting Assets as a Medical Professional

The 2016 Year in Review: Asset Protection

2016 was a quiet year for laws regarding creditor-debtor interactions, especially as compared to the many laws passed after the economic crash of 2007. Asset protection remained at the forefront of interest among investment professionals, however, and several new transaction laws passed in 2016 can have serious implications for those seeking to preserve wealth. Fraudulent… Read More The 2016 Year in Review: Asset Protection