Finding Validation in Retirement

Throughout our careers, many of us dream of the day we can finally retire. We dream of endless peaceful days when we can do what we want, when we want to, all without the demands of deadlines and work stress. Retirement sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many new retirees find themselves without direction, without self-worth, … Continue reading Finding Validation in Retirement

Retirement Plans for Military Members

Active-duty members of the United States Armed Forces have many options when it comes to retirement. As with any retirement plan, circumstances and rules change. Recent changes in rules, particularly in the newly-introduced Blended Retirement System or BRS, can cause changes to insurance plans and retirement preparations. Up to 2.2 million members of the military … Continue reading Retirement Plans for Military Members

Millennials and Retirement

A number of financial studies over the past decade have indicated that many Americans are not saving enough money for retirement. In general, American workers are saving less and working longer, well past the retirement age of their parents and grandparents. Many new retirees are seeking employment soon after retiring to supplement the meager income … Continue reading Millennials and Retirement

Finding Retirement Success with a Properly Managed 401K

Before you consider early retirement, think about your 401(k) and the impact retirement will have on it. Sure, you get to relax, sleep in later and have more freedom with your time, but there are a few down sides to leaving a job too early. When a person retires, they often will not contribute to … Continue reading Finding Retirement Success with a Properly Managed 401K

Earning Tax Credits for Retirement

The IRS is offering tax credits for retirement savings. With the typical American worker expected to spend anywhere from 20 to 30 years in retirement, there are many factors to consider regarding retirement savings.  No one wants to be left without money for their retirement, but many people are unprepared or uninformed when it comes … Continue reading Earning Tax Credits for Retirement

Fundamentals of Estate Planning

As we work through our adult lives, many of us set aside money for retirement. Retirement planning is a complex process with many hurdles to overcome. Part of that process is the concept of estate planning, or what will happen to our assets during our lives and after we die. Perhaps the goal is to … Continue reading Fundamentals of Estate Planning

Will You Have Enough to Retire?

As workers across the country march toward retirement, many wonder if they have saved enough to live comfortably once they’re no longer earning a paycheck. People enter into retirement savings at many different ages. While most retirement planning experts agree that the earlier one starts, the more secure financial future they will have once they … Continue reading Will You Have Enough to Retire?