Obstacles to Avoid in Retirement

With all of the hard work and effort that it takes to reach retirement, no one wants their golden years upended by problems.  Some problems are out of a person’s control while some are not.   Health Problems A person cannot control their genes, but they can control their lifestyle.  Living a healthy lifestyle by regular … Continue reading Obstacles to Avoid in Retirement


Spending As You Head Towards Retirement

With many baby boomers reaching or in retirement, the question often arises, “Do I need more or less money as I get older?”  It appears that the longer a person lives, aside from health care, all categories of spending decline. It makes sense that a 92-year-old would not travel as much or do as much … Continue reading Spending As You Head Towards Retirement

Retirement “Expiration” Dates

When developing a retirement plan, it is important to understand when and how expiration dates can affect decisions.  Some expiration dates fall under strict regulations while some are vague and more sensible. Fixed Expiration Dates Social Security retirement benefits can be claimed from age 62 to 70.  A delay to claim benefits past the age … Continue reading Retirement “Expiration” Dates

Finding Validation in Retirement

Throughout our careers, many of us dream of the day we can finally retire. We dream of endless peaceful days when we can do what we want, when we want to, all without the demands of deadlines and work stress. Retirement sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many new retirees find themselves without direction, without self-worth, … Continue reading Finding Validation in Retirement

Retirement Plans for Military Members

Active-duty members of the United States Armed Forces have many options when it comes to retirement. As with any retirement plan, circumstances and rules change. Recent changes in rules, particularly in the newly-introduced Blended Retirement System or BRS, can cause changes to insurance plans and retirement preparations. Up to 2.2 million members of the military … Continue reading Retirement Plans for Military Members