10 Best Places to Retire Overseas

For many people, the dream of retirement includes travel to exotic destinations around the world. Saving money for a global adventure is the goal of a sizeable percentage of Americans, who plan to hit the road once their careers come to a halt. In order to maximize retirement savings, and to live a comfortable life … Continue reading 10 Best Places to Retire Overseas

Balancing Finances and Healthcare

Long-Term Care Services There are four main types of long-term care services: Assisted Living Facilities – For those who need assistance with day-to-day activities and personal care services. Nursing Homes – For residents who are in need of more intensive medical and physical services than assisted living provides. Continuing Care Retirement Communities – These communities … Continue reading Balancing Finances and Healthcare

A Guide to Saving for Retirement Healthcare

When planning and saving for retirement, one main concern for many potential retirees is how to pay for healthcare needs during retirement.  Some interesting facts pertaining to health care and retirement are: According to the 2015 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ publication, A Profile of Older Americans, in 2014, men who had reached … Continue reading A Guide to Saving for Retirement Healthcare

Use Life Insurance to Increase Estate Value With These Tips

When planning for the future, many people see the finish line as the happy day when they retire.  However, in reality, this is only the beginning.  Estate planning can be a difficult process if plans are not made before retirement.  Discussing all possible solutions to keeping more of your money to pass on to loved … Continue reading Use Life Insurance to Increase Estate Value With These Tips

Your Teeth in Retirement

Braces aren’t just for adolescents in middle school anymore.  In fact, there is a trend among older adults to correct their teeth with braces, just like their grandchildren.  Is this trend just for vanity’s sake or is it something more? Seniors Are Choosing Adult Braces There are many reasons other than pure vanity that spur … Continue reading Your Teeth in Retirement

10 Considerations for Early Retirement

Early retirement is a dream for some people.  But, not everyone has the desire or need to retire early.  The path to early retirement is not an easy one, and those considering this option should have a plan and some introspection pertaining to their finances, fulfillment, health, and self-worth. No matter where a person is … Continue reading 10 Considerations for Early Retirement