10 Best Places to Retire Overseas

For many people, the dream of retirement includes travel to exotic destinations around the world. Saving money for a global adventure is the goal of a sizeable percentage of Americans, who plan to hit the road once their careers come to a halt. In order to maximize retirement savings, and to live a comfortable life … Continue reading 10 Best Places to Retire Overseas

Is Business Loan Insurance Required?

Businesses all over the world rely on loans to establish new ventures, inject capital into growing operations, or to fund many other aspects of the overall business. Business debt is part of the cost of doing business, and creditors may require that closely-held corporations personally guarantee repayment of this debt. Small businesses, especially with sole proprietors … Continue reading Is Business Loan Insurance Required?

What Are “See-Through” Trusts?

Estate planning is an important part of the financial picture. Planning for what will happen with your assets after you’ve passed away can set the stage for a comfortable future for your loved ones, even if you are no longer there to provide for them. In the estate planning process, you may come across the … Continue reading What Are “See-Through” Trusts?

How to Manage RMD Rollovers

We have all heard the expression “there’s an exception to every rule”. This expression can be found in all facets of life, including when we are planning for our retirement years. Exceptions to every rule can be found, and in the U.S. tax code, there are exceptions that can help shape one’s financial future. Understanding … Continue reading How to Manage RMD Rollovers

Saving for Retirement: It’s Not Too Late

As we work through our lifetimes, it is important to set aside funds for the future. Retirement planning is a critical part of adult life, yet far too few Americans take this aspect seriously. Numerous surveys and financial studies have indicated that on average, Americans are woefully underprepared for their life after retirement. Most of … Continue reading Saving for Retirement: It’s Not Too Late