Annuities vs. Certificates of Deposit

One of the most oversold and underperforming financial vehicles in America is the Certificate of Deposit or commonly called the CD.  The CD has become a popular investment tool for many American’s due to its slightly higher rates than many bank savings accounts.  In addition, many older Americans put their savings into CD’s because they…… Continue reading Annuities vs. Certificates of Deposit

Annuity Laddering Explained

With any retirement strategy, there are several variables needed to calculate the best retirement income for an individual.  Intangible concerns, such as peace-of-mind, also play a big role in retirement planning.  There is no magic formula to solve the retirement savings strategy dilemma.  However, the annuity laddering approach in retirement income planning is a strategy…… Continue reading Annuity Laddering Explained

Roth Annuity Purchase is a Lifetime Stream of Tax-Free Income

Annuities are investment contracts insurance companies sell that agree in exchange for an original investment by the purchaser, the insurance company will make periodic payments to the investor at a later time such as retirement.  One drawback to purchasing an annuity is the fact that taxes need to be paid when the money is withdrawn…… Continue reading Roth Annuity Purchase is a Lifetime Stream of Tax-Free Income